Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three Year Old Knitting

I posted at the beginning of this week about a new craft, Josie's pillowcase for her third birthday (which I am very proud to report that her mom says she sleeps on that pillow every night now and loves it!) 
In that post I might have mentioned also being there the day she was born.  (I drove over two hours to be there for one hour and she her bright shiny new face and give my bestest friend in the world a congratulations hug! and drove over two hours back home and went to work the next morning.  I loved this little girl from the get-go - anyhow...)  That day she came into this world I wrapped her in a Clemson Tiger blanket I had handknit for her.  I wanted her to know I loved her (no matter where I was) and I wanted to make sure she would grow up to be a Clemson Tiger like her mama and I.  So I had to start her off right...

I came back the following weekend - just to make sure she was still being wrapped in her blanket (or more-so really to hold her and love her and hog the baby like I always do!) but good news is the blanket was still in use...

Fast forward three years and after posting about her birthday party her mom says to me "I should send you pictures of that blanket now so everyone knows how much she loves and how much use she's gotten out of it", - "um, yes please!"  So I just got these...


(I'm pretty sure she is GROWLING like a Tiger in this one!  and the whiskers make it all the more convincing!) 
When she was little we used to ask her,  "What does the tiger say"  and she would answer, "grrrr" and then "What does a gamecock say?" to which she would answer (her very own idea) "Booooooo!"  lol.  My little tiger - they are raising her up right!  :)

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