Thursday, February 25, 2010

You might knit too much...

If you asked your hubby to meet you (out of his way) at the house so you could run errands together (instead of the usual meeting him at the intended location) 
AND if it wasn't ...
b/c you love riding in his big truck (which I do!)
b/c you want to listen to your favorite Avett CD (that he has)
b/c you enjoy his company so much (did that just rank 3rd?!  oops)
b/c you want to knit some more rows on your sock - and you can't do that if you're driving

you might knit too much...
(yeah, that's a phone pic of me knitting through lunch too)

(its the deadline folks...I only have until the Closing Ceremonies to get this finished!!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Crafts

So...since the arrival of little Andrew - I haven't been making much other than baby stuff.  I first sent a package with the nursing cover (which was already made before he came) ...

(sorry most of the pics are camera pics from Chicago for now!)
And I also made a hat for Drew that matched his Daddy's OSU hat I made him for Christmas..

Drew in his hat...
and Chad in his...

( I can't wait to get a better one of them in their hats together!) 

Anyway...Drew was born a Buckeye's fan, no doubt


and its cold in Chicago in February, so he needed another hat to cover his sweet little red head...

*gratuitous baby shot - sorry - love the red hair!*

The next package I finished up quickly this weekend, first the hat to match his pod 




and of course a quick set of blue burp cloths - now that we know he's a boy!!

front two

back two

The list of baby things I want to make to spoil my nephew rotten is about a mile long.  So there will be lots of baby crafts around here for awhile and probably alot of gratuitous baby pics just so I can show him off!

Again, I'm still knitting away (Ravelympics oh how I love thee...) but geesh - knitting takes sooo much longer to produce a finished product to show off!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday Eye Candy


So that big blue bag did have yarn in it.  Wonderful yummy Malabigo yarn to be exact.  5 skeins of worsted weight in pollen (should make a sweater though I don't know yet which one) and be just mmmmm....yummy

I'll do the big fabric reveal next week (maybe..)

And I have decided from our trip that I want to live in Summerville. I had the BEST turkey meatloaf ever, found yummy Malabrigo at the knit shop and walked across the street to the best quilt shop I've ever been in!  They had an entire front room full of the designer fabrics I only drool over online - it was great!  (and only 30 minutes from Charleston - my fave!  ahhhh)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

KnitAway 2010

As promised...our girls weekend away knitting - in (mostly) picutres...

(Morgan and Millie - in their designated spots - we didn't move much all weekend - just knit, knit, knit, eat, knit, sip wine, knit, knit, eat, knit, eat... you get the idea)


As soon as we get together - the first thing we normally do is show off to each other the things we have knit since the last time we met - these two GORGEOUS blue shawls are examples

and Lindsey's clapotis isn't new - but its still priceless and I thought looked perfect draped over the hunting cabin chair...


In addition to knitting (and this year playing in the snow! - which is CRAZY in SC) there is usually spinning...

 (Morgan spinning)


Lindsey also finished some yarn 

isn't it gorgeous?!?  She wants to make a 28Thirty out of it when she gets enough yarn spun
(link is to a pic of my 28Thirty)

We did venture outside for a bit on our knitting weekend - namely to play in the snow...


and to go shopping (for more yarn of course!)

(oops!  does that look like fabric?!  come back tomorrow and see!)
And no knitting weekend is complete without at least one picture of everyone's handknit socks...


and of course a bear skin...

right?!?!  (sorry - I had to include it - having a knit-away at a hunting cabin is an adventure!  This place had NEVER seen so much estrogen! lol!)

Finally - a parting shot...

(we were trying to get our 'sock' shot and I just love how the camera focused on the handspun yarn and not the socks - love!  although not the winning 'sock shot' per se)

I had a great time girls - and it got me knitting again (proof to come soon!)  Let's plan another one soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My nephew!

I had a wonderful weekend away with the girls for KnitAway 2010 (and we had a great location to take pictures of the amazing Southern Snow!), and since I've been quite inspired to knit.  I also finished knitting two things while we were away that weekend and have three more happily started!  Why am I telling you all of this?!?  B/c I HAVE been crafting - and I could make a post about it - but really all I want to tell you - is that I'm an AUNT!!  (for real, for really real real!!)  My brother and his wife had Andrew pretty unexpectedly this morning (well he was about three weeks early - but they had a C-section planned b/c he was breech).  Everyone is doing GREAT and I just wanted to brag on my nephew!!

Here he is!  Andrew!!  :)

And since its still technically a crafting blog ... his mom did send me this picture the other day - of his quilt happily hanging in his finished nursery.  I hear it matches fantastically and they love it!  

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Eye Candy

A week late and a dollar short right?!?  Sorry!  I've had a pretty bad case of the winter blues - keeping me from sewing and posting to the blog - but I'm trying to pull myself out of it.  Maybe eye candy will help us all!


My very very FAVE from this stack (AB - shocking huh?!)


and finally some ADORABLE fabric from Fabricworm


Have a great weekend.  I am headed to the middle of nowhere for a quiet knitting weekend with some good 'fiber friends' of mine!  We have a cabin, 4 bottles of wine, no cable television and snow on the way!  We should manage to have a really great time - and in light of the fiber weekend - I'll share some yarn eye candy too ( my BFF bought me this so we can make Calorimetries together as she learns to knit!)

Happy Weekending!  :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nursing Cover

My SIL mentioned over Christmas needing to get a nursing cover.  My mind immediately thought, "I can make that!" but I wanted to see if I could get my hands on a good pattern before jumping up and saying "Don't do that - I'll MAKE you one!"  So I researched it when I got back, found some great online tutorials, some great flickr ideas and then got to work.  You might remember the fabric I bought for it...

(again, horrible lighting....sorry)  All Heather Bailey prints
I finally finished it (it wasn't hard, I've just been LAZY!) and then I had my work cut out for me convincing hubby to be a model for a nursing cover, but he finally agreed and these are his amazing action shots!

"honey, are you REALLY making me do this?!? "

then...he decided to play along...

I think he's trying to look nervous that he's a man...breastfeeding a baby

Anyway - Details:
I lined the back with a really soft flannel (blue and yellow dots - from JoAnn's) and Eric did comment that it was 'very soft' - so I hope she and baby like it (and that it comes across gender neutral enough).
It was my first time using boning - interesting - but it seems to work to hold the top "open" for the mama's eyes only.
I didn't write down finished dimensions - but I didn't really follow either tutorial - just got a general idea from both.
Lastly  - I LOVE this fabric combo!  I actually saw this on etsy - and loved it!  :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Forgotten Friday...

I'm sorry!  I forgot to post eye candy on Friday (and you thought I was good and didn't buy fabric - right?!?)  Well this actually came with my Hope Valley package - but it seems very different - so I kept it to entertain you at a later date.  This is my new 'pink stash'. 


The fabric on the far left is for the inside of my duffel bag (coming soon - I hope!), the middle has already been used in Josie's pillow (there is some left too) and the one on the right I just couldn't resist...I mean - brown and pink?!?  Those are MY COLORS!

(see...even in my wedding...those are MY COLORS!)


I think the wedding picture makes up for the tardy eye candy post (I hope anyway!)  Hope you had a great weekend!