Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Eye Candy and Choices...

Friday Eye Candy for this week just arrived yesterday!  I've been waiting patiently after a bad week at work for my retail therapy to arrive.  This fabric already has some plans waiting for it (which is a good thing...)

 Well - some of it I have plans for - the AB Pressed Flowers I have never been able to find in the pink colorway (my fave) so I had to have it - and the AB green dots set it off fantastically I think - so those were a bit impulse - but the Heather Bailey on the left has a plan for it

(sorry about the crappy photos - no light again)
This is the Heather Bailey and its destined to be a nursing cover for my SIL.  I didn't know she wanted one until Christmas and I've found a couple free tutorials and some great example pics and like this fabric combo.

And the best Eye Candy for last...

ahhhhh!!!  AB love (decorator weight) for a duffel bag.

Finally, my New Years Resolution was to make a quilt a month.  (gasp! - I know!)  I only made 3 in six months last year - but I think I can get the hang of it better this year and I have to start eating up some of this fabric I can't stop buying! 

So - I finished my Nest Quilt Disappearing Nine Patch Squares - but I don't know how I want to lay them out (is there a certain way you are supposed to?!)  Here are a couple ideas I've had...does anyone have more photos / inspiration / instruction for how I should do this?  Do you like either of these options?!  I need help here - getting the top put together and the back made is my goal for this weekend so I can stay on track with my "Quilt-a-Month" goal.

So...Option A

Or Option B

Whaddya think?!


  1. Cute fabrics! Where did you order them from? I've been looking for that blue Heather Bailey print.