Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Bag

Did you guess from this hint what I was making?  Or was it this post that gave it away?
I love that bag - and I was disappointed not to win it - but I was more inspired then to make something like it.  So I borrowed a friend's Simplicity Pattern (2551) and made another bag  :)

(with flash)

(without flash)
(I am really looking forward to longer days where I can take pictures of my things in real actual sunlight that makes them look good and nice.  I don't like using the flash - but really without it the picture seems so dull and dark - anyway...)

(up close)

(and the lining - and pocket)

Doesn't it look quite alot like the Morgan bag?!  (um, minus the $63 price tag - and well a magnetic snap instead of a zipper, and the cording - which I opted not to do). I am really really pleased with this bag - and even have had compliments (and an offer to buy it!) already! 

Happy Happy!
And...I sewed more this weekend...so come back!
<3 N


  1. Love the yellow/gray color combination... Actually takes me back to this 1960s tile bathroom in my grandmother's house, which was and is still totally rad. and i will be giving my little boy a bath there this weekend. funky nostalgia!

  2. That is WAY too cute! I want one! Can I put in a special order?

  3. so pretty!!! I have this fabrics but I am still figuring out if I want to make a bag or a cute tunic with them!

  4. Very cute bag! I saw another bag that looked like that with the front pockets. I am dying to know how to do that.