Thursday, March 10, 2011

A day late and a dollar short...

...but this is why I was cleaning my craft room to start sewing.
Three pretty camera straps hanging in a row!  I love them all.  I had a friend request one for her D90 - and since I just happened to get a D90 for Christmas myself (sorely lacking a handmade fashionable camera strap as well) I figured it was time to make some.  I bought the nylon and hardware on etsy this time (much better than dog collars I couldn't seem to find anywhere).  I used this tutorial again - and again adding patchwork ala house on hill road.  I love them.  The one on the far right is Jess' and I am using the one on the far left.  The pretty in pink one in the middle is still hanging out.  Maybe it should be my 100th post prize - eh? Anyone interested?  Buehler?  Guess we'll see if this gets a response before we decide (and no promises on when I'll mail it - Jess' has been in an envelope in my car for two weeks now!)