Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tying up Loose Ends... Literally!

I showed you the finished craft room in hopes that I would cut into that fabric and whip up some baby bedding - all voila!! Unfortunatley I got very stuck in the millions of pattern options you can create with six different fabrics and a 28"x14" panel and 'analysis paralysis' set in.  Luckily I have some good friends who came over and pulled me out of my rut and got me back on track.  I now have all the panels sewn, the ties sewn, the piping basted and thought I was soo close.  Unfortunately - piping is trying to be the death of me (or this project anyway) and we have had some issues.  First basting the original piping and then pinning it to the panels.  Now, I've recut the fabric for piping and re-basted.  Alas, we are on track again, so we'll see.

Design for bedding
In the meantime, while my mom was here and I was showing her all my great handiwork knitting for the little guy she might have noticed that most of my 'finished' knitting projects had some ends hanging off of them (or millions of ends hanging off of them in the case of my striped baby blankets).  So we made a pile and she gave me a goal of two/week to finish and ensure they are all ready for Little E when he gets here.
So far so good with one baby blanket done, one bib, one washcloth, and one vest blocked and ready to receive his buttons.  :)  Some finished pics coming up!