Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just keep knitting, knitting...

That is what I have been doing lately.  I was in a huge knitting funk (and a sewing upswing) over the Winter.  I would have figured it to be opposite b/c wool is hot and heavy and not something you want on your lap when it gets warm - but knitting is portable.  And that's been key.  We have been here and there doing this and that and the knitting has been coming along. 

This is me in Chicago working on the BSJ I showed you.

And then more recently a friend of mine (who just started knitting) did a knit-a-long with me.  We each made a calorimetry (which is probably why the upswing in temps to the 80's has come around). I made mine in a little over a day.  I really enjoyed it this time (I think the first time I made one I was pretty new to knitting and concerned about what I was doing and if I was doing it right etc...this time I just really enjoyed it).
And I loved the yarn I used (although I can't tell you what it was b/c it came wound from Jimmy Beans and I have no idea what I did with the ball band).  But, I love the yarn and colorways so much that I decided to try another old standby Knitty pattern - Fetchings - with the rest of the yarn.  Those are also going pretty quickly (and I am enjoying them more the second time as well).  I think when you get in a knitting funk it might be a good idea to go to Ravelry and see what 10,800 other people have knit already (BSJ, Caliometry, Fetchings) and knit them - they promise to be quick and easy and make you happy (otherwise 10,800 people are wrong!)

And I will leave you with some more baby love (in a handknit).  I took these of Drew in his pod while we were in Chicago.
Sooo cute!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am sorry I went MIA, see...I've been a bit distracted...first my little brother came through town and then we went to Chicago so I could meet this sweet little guy...

My lovely adorable nephew.  (at least he is in the hat I knit for him, that's crafty right?!)
And I have been knitting (you know, plane ride and all).  So, I started this...

The Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

It was really great and fun to knit.  I had the GREATEST yarn - just wonderful!  And it knits up really fast, and is very ingenious.  You see, when you are done knitting it, it looks like this...

And after a lesson in Oragami, it looks like this...

Ta-Da!  Surprise - its a baby jacket! 
BTW - It is waaaaay more gorgeous and amazing than it looks on film, the camera just isn't picking it up.  Also - its superwash (you are welcome SIL who will have to wash it) - but it also has some cashmere in it and its is THE SOFTEST (yummy!) yarn.  I have to sew the two tiny seams, and find buttons and block it, and then the jacket will be headed back to Chicago in my place (boo hoo!)  It is itty bitty teeny tiny so I have to hurry.  As quick as he was changing and growing in the 4 days we were there - it liable to only fit him for another week or two.

I still have another (pair!) of socks to show you and more things started (I'm really good at starting things...not so much the 'finishing' part...anyway) more to show you this week (like what I found at the GREAT fabric store in Chicago!  yippeee!!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Eye Candy

Remember this bag of goodies?  (from the knitting weekend?!)

Well I showed you the yarn already...but the fabric I found in Summerville too was amazing!

Here's a peek...

Nicey Jane Fat Quarters 
(by Heather Bailey)
(I had no idea how much I loved this line until I saw it in person.  Now I'm trying to decide how much more I can afford to get my hands on.  Its just lovely in everything I've seen made with it).

I also got some Dolce
(by Tanya Whelan) 
b/c well fat quarters were buy 12 get a 13th free - and who can resist that (when you already have 10 in your basket?!?)  And the one on the far right is AB - of course!  :)

They also had this adorably cute car fabric (that I didn't realize was Riley Blake til I had it being cut)

I couldn't resist just in case I had a nephew (which I did!!)  So you will see this heading to Chicago as something soon!

Last but not least they had some AMH and AB in their 'sale bin!' *gasp!* so I bought all they had of both (less than 3 yds - for $3.50/yd!!  CRAZY!  I figure it will work well for a quilt back - if I ever to finishing one of those!  lol)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  We have family in town - so maybe not too much sewing - but hopefully lots of fun!  :)
Happy Weekending!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little ditty...

I made this little ditty the other night (in about 15 minutes total including cutting). 

It is so cute and easy!!  I love the fabrics and the fun little bag it made - but I was hoping for a larger size to be a small knitting project bag. 

 (fully opened its only 7"x6" and when you close it the 'pocket' is only 5.5" tall)
I wanted to follow the directions once before I started modifying the pattern - but I have some measurements from a friend's project bag and I'm hoping to try again this week.  I used the tutorial from Sew Mama Sew that Happy Things put together.  It was very simple and made a fantastic little bag.
I used a bit more of one of my absolute FAVE fabrics for the lining...

Lizzy House's Red Letter Day!!
What do you think?!  And what are you working on?  :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I {heart} Etsy

I love etsy.  I almost always look there before buying something at a store.  Recently in the wake of the tragedy in Haiti Craft Hope (another website I love) opened an etsy store where crafters could either make things or buy things other crafters made - all going to a good cause - Doctor's Without Borders.  I missed some really amazing stuff (Flea Market Fancy and bags made by AB herself!) but I did see something at the last minute that I really loved. 

It came wrapped in loving care

with a gorgeous thank you note

and that was just the packaging!!  The camera strap cover is great too! 

Pink Velvet ruffles - yea!  I think so!!  :)

You might remember not too long ago I made my own camera strap...
... and I still love it - and I'm still very proud of it - its just not nearly as rock star as my new one!!  :)
I couldn't be happier with my purchase and for the wonderful idea of Craft Hope's Etsy shop.  Thank you YeeBird!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hob Lob

We recently had a major improvement in the Augusta area.  We got a Hobby Lobby!!  I found some cute fabric and added to the stash (very inexpensively!)


and some knit for a FUN pair of pajama pants...


Eric even enjoyed a trip in there to see what its all about (its so much bigger and diversified than a Michael's etc.  If you have one you should really check it out!)
Have a good weekend - and here's to more FINISHED projects next week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ravelympics Wrap Up

So I mentioned a couple times I was knitting my little heart out for the Ravelympics.  I chose to not follow any rules or join any team - but to make an effort to knit every night while watching the Olympics (and man, I really enjoyed watching them this year!)  Don't know if that's because I got to enjoy knitting at the same time or b/c I'm getting a bit older, but they sure were fun!  Recap of what you have already seen that I started and finished in this 2+ week period...
The OSU hat for Drew

The PeaPod Hat for Drew



and new to you... I also started and finished a "boy hat" for me


 Lorna's Laces sock (held doubled) in Dec 2009 limited colorway
and the second sock of my mmmm malabrigo set

(no more lonely sock! one down - two to go!)

I also started (but didn't quite yet finish) my Wrenna sweater


Made from Lions Brand Bulky - in taupe.  QUICK knit - but I am debating about adding more rows - it looks really short right now and I'm supposed to end it (just add 3 rows of rib).  I think I need to add the 6 more rows of the lace chart like the medium size - thoughts?!?

All this knitting has inspired me to work on another second sock (yea!) and so far that is going really fast.  I'm also inspired to try to make this ala Lindsey Vonn - but I guess I have four years to get on that!

Finally, a parting shot of me - in my finished socks watching the Olympics - oh sweet victory!