Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exciting News

Well - I promised handmade things before the end of the week - and I shall deliver - but I must share my exciting news first!!  Glenna sells fabric and she featured my AB love bag here - on her blog today!  I was so excited this morning!  Yea!  Someone noticed my stuff (and liked it too!  ala Sally Field "You like me, you really like me!")  anyway - enough gushing.  Just thought I'd share my excitment.

Now, truly onto handmade things.  I chose a layout for the Nest Quilt (or rather learned how you were supposed to do it) and sewed the squares together.  I still plan to frame the front and have to make the back - but I'm pretty happy with the layout.  Also - my squares are lining up better and better!  The 1/4" foot is making a difference - but I am not invincible - yet.  :)

I do have another handmade I'm working on this week - but its a surprise for a certain little princess's birthday this weekend - so I can't show you.  Luckily, I have a few aces in my back pocket of things I've made that I haven't showed yet.  Here is one!

My fabulous Amy Butler Wide Leg Lounge Pants (complete with fabric upside down - I was just too excited when I started making them that I cut before I realized - lol!)

Anyway - I love them.  But also - just because I thought it was funny - not only are they wide leg - they are wide topped too!  If  you untie them they fall STRAIGHT down...

No unfortunately - I didn't lose any weight for this shot!  I just like to pretend it is my 'after' picture when I'm having a bad day!  These pants are actually why my mom asked for her pair for Christmas!  I love the In Stitches book and have made quite a few patterns from it now.  These, are probably my favorite!

You are definitely going to want to come back tomorrow - Friday Eye Candy is going to be GOOD!  :)

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  1. Your quilt layout looks awesome, I totally LOVE Amy Butler fabrics too. I have that In Stitches book and really need to make myself a pair of those lounge pants! They look SO comfortable! I stopped by because I saw Glenna's blog and she linked to you. Your blog is so cute and you make such pretty things. I think I'll be back soon.