Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Knit

Yup!  I do, I knit!  And for Christmas this past year my big brother bought me a shirt to let the whole world know (from Etsy).  I LOVE this shirt and was uber-excited that it fit (there was only one - in a European size - I don't know what size I am in Europe).  Problem was at the time there was snow on the ground and it was a short sleeve shirt.  But warm weather has appeared and the I Knit Shirt made its debut (on date night!) the other night.  Just thought I would share....

(please excuse the unmade bed)
 Thanks Chad!  I love it!!

Also - I didn't forget my promise to show the Christening Blanket - I just haven't gotten finished like I thought.  Turns out a possible side effect of my antibiotics is nausea and I found that out in the car while trying to knit Friday night - and didn't pick it up again all weekend.  Getting more done this week though.  Its lovely!  Finally I did finish some sewing - THAT I will get to this week!  :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Eye Candy

-or- otherwise entitled "What I've learned about online retail therapy." 

I LOVE retail therapy, it usually gets me through most of my really bad days.  Sometimes though, when those bad days are work related (every day) and you are too busy to go shop after work, or what you want to shop for (fabric/yarn) can't be found in your hometown, then you may turn to ONLINE Retail Therapy.  Let me say - for the record - It doesn't work the same.  The 'buy' isn't directly followed by the 'enjoy' and you 'buy' again thinking it will help.  Really, its not therapeutic in the long run (just expensive! ha).  But in my case a couple weeks ago - it made for a really awesomely fantastic Saturday! 

That Saturday (after online retail therapy all week on my lunch break) I received not one - but two amazing packages of yummy goodness.  Including my fave, mmmmmmmmMalabrigo!  This time in chunky...

2 skeins of Cuarzo
Will most likely be a hat and mittens...

And one skein of Sauterne
This will be a Foliage...99% sure of that!

The rest of the LOVELY box from Eat.Sleep.Knit was (sadly) not for I had to send it on

  More chunky Malabrigo (and a fun scratch off ticket, button AND Rice Krispie Treat!)

The second box was from Knit Picks and had yarn for two blankets 

The white is for Drew's Christening blanket (to be seen Monday!) and the other (FUN!) colors are for Wild Stripes!  I really have had my eye on the blanket for a looong time - but didn't want to splurge for all those colors of yarn, now that I have a nephew (a reason to knit the blanket) I was thinking about it.  Knit Picks has great prices and lots of colors, so I took the plunge.   It made the package MUCH more fun than it would have been all white!

Knit Picks also had all their books on sale (and retail therapy ALWAYS loves a sale) so I finally splurged $7 for EZ's Knitting Almanac.  I figure one niece and February Baby Sweater will be worth it (not to mention mom wants matching mittens to her Chevron scarf - and those are in here).

That is ALOT more than I normally buy and may have to be the only Friday Eye Candy post for the MONTH of May!  Enjoy your weekend - I'll be knitting, knitting, knitting on my DrewBean's blanket (60%+ done), and hopefully enjoying some nice weather at the lake!
Happy Weekending!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm not really...
Not MIA - but my external hard drive is.  It crapped out last week (with all my documents and photos from oh, my wedding, my honeymoon and everything that has happened (or been made) since that time over a year and a half ago).  So I'm not freaking out, or you know...worrying about it (riiiiiight), but it has made it pretty hard to show you what I've been working on. 
Finally I figured out how to blog from flickr so I can show you a ribbed lace bolero I just finished.  Knit in Rowan's Summer Tweed.  I love it! 

It did take longer to knit than I had anticipated, but still just about a week.  It looks so small and lacy that I figured I could knock it out on a weekend car ride - but alas, one whole week ;) 

My socks have stalled out (I think its looking at new sock yarn that you would rather be knitting on that slows you down).  Maybe next time (meaning next year?!?) I might entertain the idea of not having a sock yarn stash.  Reward myself with new sock yarn WHEN I finish a pair of socks.  yea, that's it!  (okay - so this would probably never happen - but it IS a good idea for any of you who have restraint!)

I am also working on a Christening Blanket for my nephew who gets Christened in June.  Its beautiful and next week (after Friday Eye Candy) I'll try to get a picture of it.  

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Socks...

I used to go on Ravelry and see people who knit and knit and knit socks, and I couldn't understand why.  With gorgeous sweater patterns, hats galore and baby blankets needed - how could you always choose socks?

Now I get it.  

Knit a couple sweaters (spending $65-$100 on yarn and knitting for weeks and weeks) and have them not fit.  Have runs in the sleeve (no matter how tight you pull the stitches) and patterns that end up making you look HUGE and you'll start knitting socks.  
Knit three baby blankets in a year (taking months at a time of boring boring stockinette in cotton that makes your hands ache) for someone to toss it in a pile with all the other Target blankets and you'll start knitting socks (and baby hats - those are quick!).
Live in SC where a knitted hat (scarf, gloves, mittens) are useful for about two months out of twelve - at night.  And you'll start knitting socks

You'll knit socks...because...
They always fit
They can't make you look fat
They cost $20 in yarn (alot for socks yes, vs. a blanket or sweater - not so much)
You can wear them year round
And so...I knit socks.

From my new very own sock club - I present Ampersands with Spunky Eclectic Ravelry yarn.  Again on size 4's (it calls for 3's I dont' have em - 4's have worked out just great) and the first sock knit in less than a week.  I did however, have a very weak moment that had it not been for my vow to knit a PAIR of socks at a time (henceforth in 2010) then I would have certainly cast on with this yummy goodness I received this week.  And I plan to knit this second Ampersand sock even faster so I can get to it soon!

Oh yum!  
Cherry Tree Hill Fingerpaints Self-Striping in Summer Sweet. OMG really - its AMAZING!
What are you knitting? (is it socks?)  :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finished Socks...

... as promised.

First, BlackJacks.  
The first pair I started (that never got a second sock) and the last to be finished.  
 But cute, and fun, and SWIRLY!

Disappointingly though, they ended up not matching.  One had more blue, the other more green.  I like the blue sock better...alas

But under a pair of jeans you wont' hardly notice and I really like the pattern and the way the colors swirled (except for all the pooling at my ankle - at least it pooled the same on both).

Secondly, the Duckies.  DK socks - Oh how I love thee!
Soft and Sweet and Happy Feet indeed...

These adorable socks are on their way to Ohio - lovingly made and wrapped and in a package for my mom for Mother's Day.  I have NEVER knit socks for anyone other than myself.  That (even in DK weight) should give you and idea how MUCH I Love my Mom!