Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sublime Sunday

Sublime- adj. - supreme or outstanding

While the rest of the weekend wasn't so fantastic or outstanding, Sunday turned out to be pretty okay! After church (and cleaning) Eric decided to take me to lunch and then to the bookstore ...oh how I love Barnes and Noble!  With their large craft book section, Starbucks coffee and peace and quiet.  I just love spending hours there and Eric decided he would indulge me and take me to the bookstore.
It just sooooo happened though :)  that on the way to the bookstore, we passed a TJMaxx - and I thought - maybe - just maybe - they might have some Munki Munki.  (I know TJMaxx and Marshall's are owned by the same group and other sewing people (that I stalk their blogs online) had been finding some Munki Munki at Marshalls) - so I asked if we could stop for just a second for me to check the pajama rack.  He helped me search - and guess what we found!!!

Munki pajamas!!  I don't know if this is considered a 'good' print - but I LOVE pink and had been thinking about a pink quilt (remember?!)

  and now I am super excited to pull some Munki Munki into my pink quilt - for $14.99!!
Makes me want to start singing "You get the Maxx for the minimum, minimum price, never ever the same place twice."  lol 

Anyway - after we found our great surprise at TJMaxx I still got to go to the bookstore!!  And I found a craft book that I just HAD to have (have I maybe mentioned here before that I have a bag problem, a bagaholic if you will - well this book is PERFECT for me!!)  She reuses stuff and she makes BAGS!!  Lovely bags that I would carry - so I had to get it

I just can't wait to make something out of this book - but I can't even decide where to start!  After searching through all the craft books, I had to search through the magazines too - and then I found this gem!

TO justify my purchase, I had to convince myself there were two or three things in here I would make - but really I just want to rip out my unfinished Wicked immediately and use the yarn to cast on for this...

OMG!  Isn't it gorgeous?!  I mean, my hair will NEVER fall like that and have a perfect glow on my skin with a "come hither" look either - but the sweater...its GORGEOUS!  I am in love!

So what started as a pretty crappy weekend, ended on a very high note with my Munki Munki and amazing bookstore finds!  yippeee!!
(On a side note, as this is a crafting blog and not a shopping blog, I did sew this weekend - and knit too actually - but there isn't alot to show yet, before the end of the week I will post crafty stuff I've done, I promise!)


  1. Well now! You've got me motivated to make a trip to TJMaxx!

  2. I've posted and linked to your blog about that cute purse you made with the Amy Butler LOVE fabric.