Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Covered Up

Things in the craft room are being "covered up" lately.  For Christmas my uber-wonderful big brother thought he was buying me a boring gift (although he knew I wanted one) ... little did he know that I was going to be soo excited about an ironing board cover to make a blog post about it - but oh! I was that excited!!

Check out how cool this thing is!!!

That's right!!  Black and White Damask to match my craft room perfectly!
Sooo much better than off-white and stained one I had.  I think it really "ties the room together."  :)

Other things are getting covered up too!  I saw on Creative Reveries her sewing machine cozy (in Wonderland - yea!!) and just had to have one.  Lucky me I have some extra Wonderland charm packs lying around and I whipped one up this weekend!

(I have to tell you - I have NO IDEA why a sewing machine might need covered up.  I mean, does it get cold? (it does get cold in the craft room - Eric makes me shut the door so we don't pay to heat it when I'm not in there working) - but does a sewing machine really get cold?  Or does it keep flying lint and dust out?  Or hide it from on-lookers?!  I have no idea...but the idea of sewing something to cover the sewing machine...In Wonderland Fabric...well it just didn't really have to make any sense to me.  I just liked the idea.  I welcome any comments that can tell my engineering brain WHY and justify the fabric usage!)


The best parts?  Well one, I went by the Quilt Shop in Aiken this weekend and they still have YARDAGE of Wonderland!!  I didn't think you could find that anywhere!  So I got some of the blue butterflies (they match the wall pretty well huh?) for the sides too!

AND... I had always noticed the scissors (kinda hard to miss) in the Wonderland

but I always thought the other stuff was like alien pods or something strange.  With a closer look this weekend I realized they were pin cushions and irons!!


Who knew?!  But how GREAT for a sewing / craft room!
I am loving my new covers!

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  1. My guess is a sewing machine cover's purpose is so that people who like to sew can have another project! oh, and probably the dust thing