Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some finished business...

I dove into that box of unfinished sweaters and have made some progress.  I thought I'd start with what I thought might be the easiest to finish up, which was an orange shawl.  My thinking was it only needed a collar added - and it had been in the box since 2009.  (SADLY this is not the oldest project in this box - by a LONG shot *sigh*)
I ended up having to make some adjustments to the arm length (to make the back semi-wide enough) and then add the collar .  I've taken it off the needles twice to check the collar length and I'm getting close.  It would probably look best with some short rows (to lengthen it near my bust and down the back but not up my neck) - but I'm not sure exactly how to do that to make them look right so I'll probably add a few more inches all around - bind off - block the HECK out of this thing and then move on.
BUT since it wasn't quite the 'quick win' I was looking for I also decided to pull out the Tree Jacket sweater that had been snoozing in this box since 2010.  I had the whole sweater knit and one whole sleeve when it ended up in the box.  I was concerned because I knew I didn't have enough yarn for long sleeves - so exactly what length to make the sleeves (and the fear of seaming) had me putting this up.  So I pulled it out, knit a second sleeve, learned to seam garter stitch (easy peasy btw - nothing to be scared of) and then I even kitchener stitched the sleeves to the sweater.  It looks great, fits really well and I even got all my ends weaved in and wore this to our pumpkin patch adventure last weekend.  I have pictures of me in it - but nothing really close up or showcasing the finished sweater (whoops).

Family photo at the pumpkin patch

showing little e the cows. not a great pic but you can see the sweater and the finished sleeve length
In addition I've been crocheting - GASP!  I have only ever crocheted one other time (and I loved that cowl) but its out of my comfort zone.  I'm working on a hat for little e's first Halloween costume - he's going to be an owl (if I get his costume all made!)  So look forward to the big reveal of that crafting effort - dyeing, sewing, crocheting... whew!

Oh and just for giggles - here is little e's debut into crafting... he painted his pumpkin this week. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unfinished Business

An entire box of unfinished business!  I have been lamenting the fact that I don't have enough of any yarn for an entire sweater (and now that we are a one paycheck family I won't be buying an entire sweater's worth soon) so I ventured into my box of unfinished business.  (I have been notorious for not finishing projects - I am the QUEEN of second sock syndrome!)

This box has unfinished sweaters, socks, scarfs and shawls.  I put some of them away because I didn't understand the next directions, they didn't seem to fit right or other random reasons.  I pulled some out this week and realized that now that I've been knitting for quite a bit longer I knew how to resolve some of these issues and started into fixing and finishing these sweaters.  Hoping to fall back in love with some of these projects and get them finished up in time for fall weather wearing!