Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ravelry Socks

The trip to Chicago also brought about more knitting time.  I started a new sweater and a new pair of socks.  A new pair of socks because before I even left I finished these...

These are Ampersand socks with the colorway Ravelry (fitting - right?)  I can't remember the yarn manufacturer - I bought it from someone on Ravelry and its less Christmasey in the ball than it turned out knit up - eh - oh well.  They are finished socks and one less ball in the stash.  These may go to my MIL or SIL.  We'll see.  How many pairs of hand-knit socks can one girl have?!?

Having this pair done allowed me to start knitting my Summer Sweet yarn (yea!!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Moment You've All Been Waiting for...

The reveal of Drew's baptism blanket.  It turned out FANTASTIC!  I really love it.  The chalice pattern looks great and the Knit Picks yarn really knit up wonderfully (although it did shed on the suit my brother had on a bit).  Without futher ado... The Blanket

and the slipped stitch edge (great idea I got from a Ravelry friend)

and being blocked (which my wonderful hubby again helped me to do)

and finally - on the big day

I am back from my trip to Chicago (and a quick week off betwen jobs!) and now back to work and hopefully real life.  I have alot of fun crafts to show for my week off (can you say socks - ha ha ha!) and I sewed again too!
What have you been up to?

Friday, June 4, 2010

PJ Pants

I made my mom these PJ pants for Christmas and although she loved them - they didn't fit that great.  (I tried to make them less 'wide leg' and ended up making them less 'comfy pj' at the same time - ugh!)

So, I told her I would make her a new pair (that hopefully fit).  That was, eh, six months ago (sorry Mom!)  But I finally did get around to it and finished these the other week.  I sent them to her and she LOVES them (and they fit!)  yeah!!!

(yeah, that is me in them - but I wanted to get a pic before I sent them - you can see they are too long on me - that is how I know they have a better chance of fitting her).  The fabric is all Amy Butler Love and the same In Stitches Wide Leg Lounge pant (this is pair #3? for me!)  My mom picked the trim when she was here a couple months ago (good choice! - I think it makes the orange in there pop more!)

There is some fun stuff going on in my life - keeping me out of the sewing room - so I am sorry to not have posted very often - but between happenings and the External Hard Drive crash - I am still catching up.  Hope to see you in this space more often in the next couple weeks.  Happy Weekending!!  :)  xoxo, Nikki