Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Plans

Well its been a LOOOOOONG time (again) but normally when I show you my craft room all cleaned up ...

then I have something up my sleeve in terms of crafting.  Although I have been up to ALOT of this...

That's not why the craft room is clean (knitting can be done anywhere - and believe me there has been alot of it going on that I'll fill you in on soon).  The craft room is clean so that I can start working on baby bedding :)  Our little man will be here in December and I've got ALOT of work to do!  Starting with making sheets and bumpers for his crib.  I found some amazing fabric from Monaluna (absolutley adore it and it has *almost* the exact colors I had in mind and it also has woodland creatures)

I subsidized the Monaluna with some orange pearl bracelets from Lizy House (Red Letter Day) and some stripes from Children at Play

And I think its gonna work out just BEAUTIFULLY!  :)  I am soo excited.