Monday, February 1, 2010

Forgotten Friday...

I'm sorry!  I forgot to post eye candy on Friday (and you thought I was good and didn't buy fabric - right?!?)  Well this actually came with my Hope Valley package - but it seems very different - so I kept it to entertain you at a later date.  This is my new 'pink stash'. 


The fabric on the far left is for the inside of my duffel bag (coming soon - I hope!), the middle has already been used in Josie's pillow (there is some left too) and the one on the right I just couldn't resist...I mean - brown and pink?!?  Those are MY COLORS!

(see...even in my wedding...those are MY COLORS!)


I think the wedding picture makes up for the tardy eye candy post (I hope anyway!)  Hope you had a great weekend!

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