Friday, October 2, 2009

1st Quilt Top

I have been dragging my feet about posting this, well, because I have been dragging my feet about finishing it.

This is the first quilt top I ever started (well that's not even true...ha!) This is the first quilt top I have ever started since I had a sewing machine (and any taste in picking out fabrics - lol). (see the gorgeous fabrics...they didn't all make it into this quilt - but it sure started this 'stash' lol!)

Anyway, I started piecing it at the beginning of the summer after being inspired by this, and was worried about the pieces fitting - so it took me a month to work up the courage to put all the pieces together for the top. (these were just some finished squares)

I finally finished the whole quilt top (and it lines up pretty well) and now its been sitting in my craft room for over a month like this.

Because I am scared again. Scared to make a crappy back that drags the whole project down (I can't find a kona cotton solid around here that matches) and afraid that if I actually make a back I will have to baste it, and quilt it - (that really scares me!!). So - here it sits... (pretty anyway isn't it?!?)

I wish my great-grandmother was still here. She made TONS of gorgeous handmade (every stitch!) quilts and I would love to have her help. (and at this point really anyone else's help to kick my butt into gear, take away my fears of ruining all my hard work and actually FINISHING it! - any takers?!?)

That said, I have one other quilt top pieced, one other one planned and fabrics for a fourth, a fifth, and even a sixth already picked out (and purchased). See... I have a problem! Someone come help!!

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