Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Apple Baking

If you read my real life blog (not crafting) or actually know me (which I think both of you do - ha!) then you know last weekend was our (first!) anniversary and Eric took me up to the NC mountains for the weekend. We did alot of apple picking (and got a little carried away).

Evidence of that - I bought the hard core apple peeler, slicer, corer (awesome!) Looking at our bushels of apples I knew I wasn't going to peel them all by hand! When we got home, I just had to try it out and before I knew it I had a PILE of apples - all peeled, cored and sliced in pretty ringlets. Oh what to do!

So I made my mom's (famously amazing...LOVE!) apple pie. And that didn't use them all up - so I made some smaller apple crisps too (gluten free for my celiac friend) and had an oven full of apples.

Good thing I had some help with all this...

Riiiight... the bad news. There isn't even a DENT - you can't tell AT ALL that I used any apples. There will be canning in my future. Any good recipe ideas?!?

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