Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So this is the first finished craft for my new niece or nephew...hmm...well, I guess I should make an official announcement first.

I am gonna be an aunt!! For real an aunt!! My big brother and his wife (Chad and Kelly) are having a baby in March (sex undetermined until birth) and I am the proudest to be aunt in the world!!

So, I have started making things for this got-to-be-completley-spoiled-by-his-aunt-ALL-THE-TIME niece or nephew of mine (the list of things I want to make is soo long). But the first thing I have finished is this knit PeaPod pattern.

March in Chicago is still COLD and I thought this snuggly little wrap would be good (hat to follow) and I love the Araucania Aysen that I used for it. Its perfect 'gender nuetral' color and the oh-soo-softness is great! I can't wait for a newborn photo shoot in this cutie!

I knit the WHOLE thing in the car on the way to Charleston on Saturday (kinda trying to get back into knitting - sewing has been taking over my life! lol) and having my Addi Clicks right there to start helped! I found buttons last night at Hancock fabrics and finished it up. What do you think? Is the teal color okay? I really could use some feedback on the button selection - it is one of my weaknesses.

So - as fall approaches I venture back into knitting (yeah!) and manage to get crafting done even while on vacation (double yeah!!)

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