Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another kind of eye candy...

This time I don't have fabric eye candy (well I do - ha!) but I will save that for later. First I have another kind of eye candy! SOCK YARN! mmm...squishy soft amazing new sock yarn. And fun projects to make with it!
First - the pattern over 12,000 ppl have already made (yeah, I am a little slow catching on!) the clapotis! With this yummy yarn (from Knit - in Charleston! - which it was soo great to have some time to go visit!)

and this...well this will be socks for me! (surprise!) and I think I might finally use Morgan's FAVORITE and go to sock pattern - the double eyelet toe up. We'll see. There is still this matter of quilting - oh and the other socks ...

1 comment:

  1. is that dream in color sock yarn? i love your clapotis yarn colorway! What is that yarn too? you will love the clapotis pattern. it makes you feel very clever to knit, and it's quite addictive. lindsey