Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not the only Crafter

(I finished the quilt!! I finished the quilt!!) - Wait a minute - this post isn't about me.  We'll get back to that (See, we have been gone a week and there is ALOT to show...soo excited - gonna be a big week in these blogland parts...but anyway - to stay in chronological order...ahem, where were we?!?  riiight...)

Not the only crafter...

So I have not been the only one crafting around here.  My hubby has been busy free handing patterns, cutting them out (using all my cool scrapbooking tools that have been severely neglected) and then painting...

and painting.... and painting some more....

But I think the results are pretty cool - what do you think?

I think $70 worth of spray paint went a loooong way and I know Eric is really happy with it and very excited that it is ready in time for duck season.  I am still learning what it means to be married to a hunter (aka earlier mornings than working days - but lots of free time to craft while they hunt...) but I didn't know until last week that a hunter also needed to be a crafter!  I think he makes a pretty good one huh?

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