Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A little more SAFF

There are a couple more fun things to show you from SAFF.  First, you might have noticed that almost ALL of my yarn came from Miss Babs!  Well, when checking out Miss Babs herself was ringing us up and I took the opportunity to take a quick picture of her with Millie (and oddly enough -she was the one who took our group shot the next day!)

Also - Millie and I had gotten quite winded from our shopping and took a view overlooking Miss Babs crazy crowded booth and lo and behold - we see Morgan...

Finally besides all the yarn oogling, and shopping and fun we had - we also took some classes.  Millie and I both took a class to learn corrugated ribbing...

Then on Sunday we took a class to learn fair isle knitting.  Silly me was thinking intricate colorwork sweaters - which I guess is the point when you get good at it - but we worked on this handwarmer.  (seriously?!?  what good is a handwarmer? without a thumb hole even... but the star was pretty and I did take a picture before I ripped it all out!)

 Little did I know that I had already done 'fair isle' knitting - its color work with only two colors in any row (vs. intarsia - which is what I REALLY need to learn).

This is one of my FAVORITE things I ever knit - my center square hat.  Eric will tell you its b/c its pink and brown (my FAVE colors together!) but I think its that and the circles and the accomplishment of the colorwork (okay, it doesn't hurt that its pink and brown!!)

That is really all my SAFF photos now (well that I plan to post anyway) - and I am working on some new crafts - so hopefully something to show by the end of the week!

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