Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Shower Details

Thought I would keep the baby shower details off the main blog (especially since it includes alot of things we crafted for the weekend!) The shower was for our good friend Kelli. (here she is with her diaper cake - isn't she the most adorable pregnant! She LOVES it too - says she'd be a surrogate if we need it - keeps her MS at bay and she is super happy! - you can see it!)

Our theme was Nursery Rhymes (and books - we had each guest bring a book in addition to their gift b/c as a teacher we thought Kelli would appreciate the books! - see them all on the mantel!)

we also had nursery rhyme plates, and napkins...

and an amazing spread of desserts!

That is monogram cookies and candy bars, chocolate covered strawberries, decadent brownies, peanut butter chocolate rice krispie treats, chocolate covered pretzels, biscotti dipped in white chocolate, and cupcakes (oh and some veggies - but blah! ha!) It was soo amazingly yummy!

So decorations, and food and diaper cakes - but we were also working hard last week to make (part) of Kelli's gift. This is a rag quilt I sewed for her. (The printed fabric has nursery rhyme characters on it too!)

We also made a basket full of other goodies (tag blanket, burp cloths, more books!) It was alot of fun and a great success!

I sure hope a good time was had by all! We sure had fun planning and making everything - (oh and I am soo looking forward to making something for ME this week! lol!)

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