Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birdie Sling!


I LOVE this bag!  Yes, its huge - and I am well, short and kinda small - but whatev!  I am totally and completely in love with AMH fabric and this love love!

Wanna see another one?!  Because once I finished this bag I carried it around the house like I was gonna go somewhere (yeah right - at 10pm!) all night long.  I changed it out to be my purse today -and I might carry it forever and ever - b/c I love it!

Now I am thinking - My SIL loves BIG bags - maybe she needs one...but I am not sure I could give one up if I made it! 
Okay - one confession - I am going to lose ALL my stuff in this bag and carry waaaayyy too much stuff (because I can!) And using a bag this big - there really need to be way more pockets (and maybe not so deep).  Lesson learned - but honestly - I don't care!
Yeah!  I finished something - AND I like it - yeah!  :)  Hope you are having a good week too!

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