Friday, November 6, 2009

Fabric - Friday Eye Candy! (sorta)

Earlier this week I decided I needed to organize my fabric. You might remember the yarn cabinet from the beginnings of this blog - well, I finally decided to boot the acrylic, the peaches-n-creme cotton and the UFOs from the cabinet to plastic bins and make space for fabric.

I have started to sew alot more, and digging through bins to find fabric was starting to get old. Not to mention its gorgeous to look at too - so it took its rightful place in the cabinet this week.

The first shelf is all my 1/2 yd (and less) cuts for random quilting and just general making of things. Arranged by color - this won't surprise most of you. Pinks, blues, cremes, greens, and brown and blacks.

The second shelf is fabric I have 'reserved' for projects. There is all my Red Letter Day (girl colors, and boy) for my niece or nephew's play quilt (after I know which its going to be!), and all my orange fabrics (for a Clemson quilt), some Christmas present fabric (won't reveal that here - as some of my readers will be receiving those!) and my new Amy Butler Love and AMH's Good Folks fabric stack. I am getting antsy to cut into that!

Finally on the bottom are my pre-cuts, my solids, my scraps and my larger cuts of fabric (probably gonna be quilt backs). (or at one delusion point in my life I thought curtains - ha ha ha!)

After this week of baby sewing (which I should have to show you soon!) I will resume my normal sewing and I can't wait to pick from the cabinet instead of wasting my time digging through bins! yeah! Have a great weekend!!

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