Monday, September 21, 2009


Well in other crafting (not exactly)- maybe homemaking news... I tried to bake some cookies this weekend. I have been reading Smitten Kitchen and she must have read my mind b/c her latest posting when I looked was Snickerdoodle cookies (which I had been dreaming of) - and they looked just perfect. Crusty edges with ooey-gooey middles - just sorta underbaked - perfect!!
See- check out her cookies - YUM!!

Now, I just happened to have bought some cream of tartar too - (which I had never had before and always noticed you needed for snickerdoodle cookies). So... I decided to try it.
These are my cookies...

Not soo good looking...not soo ooey, gooey. Actually - they were tasteless and not ooey or gooey at all. I am generally a pretty good baker, I pride myself on that. And I was REALLY looking forward to these, so I was pretty upset. I tried to save them with more flour (when they were flat), more sugar and cinnamon (when they were tasteless) and more butter when they were taller but more tasteless (from the flour)...all to no avail.
I am gonna blame the weather (really humid rainy) and the fact that I realized AFTER the fact that I had light butter instead of regular butter (silly rabbit, cookies are SUPPOSED to be bad for you!) I plan to try this recipe again (and I still have to bake some GOOD cookies this week b/c there is still one 18 yr old little brother away at his first year of college who needs a care package, specifically a care package with ooey, gooey - yummy cookies. so this big sister HAS to succeed!)

That said, all I was left with from this round of baking was a mess of not yummy cookies (which are being eaten by co-workers as we speak) and just a mess in general...

I did make better things this weekend...I'll show you later!

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  1. Hey Nikki! I finally singed up for a google account so I can comment on your posts. Snickerdoodles were my absolute favorite cookies growing up and i've made them countless times. I'll try to find the recipe and send to you to see if it's different than the one you used.