Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I did make this weekend

Baby gifts. I am making ALOT of baby gifts. Its that season in my life I guess. We had been going to ~6-10 weddings a year, and now our friends are having 6-10 babies a year!! Holy Cow!! (literally for over the last year I have know about 8 people at a time to be preggers...) so there is alot of baby sewing going on.

This set was for a lady I work with whose son (and his wife) are having a little girl (the only grand-DAUGHTER in the whole family!) So pink, and I mean all PINK were in order.

I made a 'taggy' like snuggly blanket (with patchwork on the front - my first time doing this with patchwork involved)

and matching burp cloths (pinky pink again)

and tied it all up nice and pretty with my 'handmade by' tag

Its fun to make, and I liked the change to making a 'girlie' one. All of my friends so far have had boys! So I liked using up my pretty pink fabric. Hope you liked it too - there will CERTAINLY be more of these to come!

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