Thursday, September 17, 2009

Craft Weekends

My best friend Brandy and I are quite a bit alike. There are a million things we agree upon and have in common, but sometimes one of the most fun ones is how much we like to craft and make things. The first time we had craft weekend it was about four years ago...

We crafted with our OLD hand-me down machines and in the living room at Brandy's first house (her mom is there helping us b/c after two days straight of sewing we needed some help!) lol! All is well that ends well though and we had ALOT to show for our three days of crafting...

BK and her finished rag quilt

Me and my finished rag quilt!

Well, we had a blast and vowed to do another one someday - but it took us four years to commit to another whole weekend with no boys (and no babies - oh how life can change!!) and just the two of us crafting! We also had a new and improved craft room (as seen below:) to use and now only one day instead of three! We had big (quilt-sized) ambitions again - but we ended up making smaller things - but still having just as much fun!!

BK enjoying the craft room

Our finished key fobs! (fun and VERY easy!! - can you say church bazaar?)

And my finished camera strap (Brandy's was a gift for her SIL so I wasn't allowed to show it!)

We ended the evening with sushi (yum!!) and then Brandy had to head back to her kiddos. We made promises again of another crafting weekend and I have high hopes the next one is not another four years away!!

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