Monday, September 14, 2009

My Crafting Space

I had a pretty big crafting weekend, but I thought first I would show you WHERE I craft. My husband is a sweet sweet guy, and helped me to set up (and even encouraged me to have) a craft room.

This room is still multi-purpose (aka still a guest room too) b/c all my family is still up North, so I want to have a place for them when they come to stay. But the room works out well for my crafting still. It works for sewing (high cutting table that is adjustable), and big enough for scrapbooking. Although not very much of my knitting gets done here b/c that is my portable hobby (ie, the car, in front of the TV watching a movie etc). Although it does house my yarn stash...

The room's color scheme I found in a Pottery Barn catalog and FELL IN LOVE with! To me its very calming (the blue/green - I am a cool color fan) and crafty at the same time (the damask! I heart damask!!)

The clock was a crafty activity in itself. I wanted a big clock to take up that wall - but even at Target they were $100! So, I found a $19 center and bought the house numbers at Lowe's. In the end it took us almost a year to open it up, set up the laser level and get it put on the wall - AND I probably still spent $60 - but I like it alot more and I feel accomplishment when I look at it. Its definitely a conversation piece!

So there it is folks, my space. This isn't "Rate my Space" - but what do you think?!?


  1. I personally, think this is the best craft room in the whole entire world!!

    Seriously, it was great sewing with you this weekend and your room was so comfortable and everything was right there. How nice!!

  2. I love your space!! I am wanting to paint my studio so badly and the the color you have is very similar to what I want! So pretty! Oh and a cutting table...I need one of those too...hmmm...I need to get my hubby to build me one!

  3. actually I really like your cutting table...where may I ask is it from?