Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Knit

Yup!  I do, I knit!  And for Christmas this past year my big brother bought me a shirt to let the whole world know (from Etsy).  I LOVE this shirt and was uber-excited that it fit (there was only one - in a European size - I don't know what size I am in Europe).  Problem was at the time there was snow on the ground and it was a short sleeve shirt.  But warm weather has appeared and the I Knit Shirt made its debut (on date night!) the other night.  Just thought I would share....

(please excuse the unmade bed)
 Thanks Chad!  I love it!!

Also - I didn't forget my promise to show the Christening Blanket - I just haven't gotten finished like I thought.  Turns out a possible side effect of my antibiotics is nausea and I found that out in the car while trying to knit Friday night - and didn't pick it up again all weekend.  Getting more done this week though.  Its lovely!  Finally I did finish some sewing - THAT I will get to this week!  :)

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