Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Eye Candy

-or- otherwise entitled "What I've learned about online retail therapy." 

I LOVE retail therapy, it usually gets me through most of my really bad days.  Sometimes though, when those bad days are work related (every day) and you are too busy to go shop after work, or what you want to shop for (fabric/yarn) can't be found in your hometown, then you may turn to ONLINE Retail Therapy.  Let me say - for the record - It doesn't work the same.  The 'buy' isn't directly followed by the 'enjoy' and you 'buy' again thinking it will help.  Really, its not therapeutic in the long run (just expensive! ha).  But in my case a couple weeks ago - it made for a really awesomely fantastic Saturday! 

That Saturday (after online retail therapy all week on my lunch break) I received not one - but two amazing packages of yummy goodness.  Including my fave, mmmmmmmmMalabrigo!  This time in chunky...

2 skeins of Cuarzo
Will most likely be a hat and mittens...

And one skein of Sauterne
This will be a Foliage...99% sure of that!

The rest of the LOVELY box from Eat.Sleep.Knit was (sadly) not for I had to send it on

  More chunky Malabrigo (and a fun scratch off ticket, button AND Rice Krispie Treat!)

The second box was from Knit Picks and had yarn for two blankets 

The white is for Drew's Christening blanket (to be seen Monday!) and the other (FUN!) colors are for Wild Stripes!  I really have had my eye on the blanket for a looong time - but didn't want to splurge for all those colors of yarn, now that I have a nephew (a reason to knit the blanket) I was thinking about it.  Knit Picks has great prices and lots of colors, so I took the plunge.   It made the package MUCH more fun than it would have been all white!

Knit Picks also had all their books on sale (and retail therapy ALWAYS loves a sale) so I finally splurged $7 for EZ's Knitting Almanac.  I figure one niece and February Baby Sweater will be worth it (not to mention mom wants matching mittens to her Chevron scarf - and those are in here).

That is ALOT more than I normally buy and may have to be the only Friday Eye Candy post for the MONTH of May!  Enjoy your weekend - I'll be knitting, knitting, knitting on my DrewBean's blanket (60%+ done), and hopefully enjoying some nice weather at the lake!
Happy Weekending!

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