Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Socks...

I used to go on Ravelry and see people who knit and knit and knit socks, and I couldn't understand why.  With gorgeous sweater patterns, hats galore and baby blankets needed - how could you always choose socks?

Now I get it.  

Knit a couple sweaters (spending $65-$100 on yarn and knitting for weeks and weeks) and have them not fit.  Have runs in the sleeve (no matter how tight you pull the stitches) and patterns that end up making you look HUGE and you'll start knitting socks.  
Knit three baby blankets in a year (taking months at a time of boring boring stockinette in cotton that makes your hands ache) for someone to toss it in a pile with all the other Target blankets and you'll start knitting socks (and baby hats - those are quick!).
Live in SC where a knitted hat (scarf, gloves, mittens) are useful for about two months out of twelve - at night.  And you'll start knitting socks

You'll knit socks...because...
They always fit
They can't make you look fat
They cost $20 in yarn (alot for socks yes, vs. a blanket or sweater - not so much)
You can wear them year round
And so...I knit socks.

From my new very own sock club - I present Ampersands with Spunky Eclectic Ravelry yarn.  Again on size 4's (it calls for 3's I dont' have em - 4's have worked out just great) and the first sock knit in less than a week.  I did however, have a very weak moment that had it not been for my vow to knit a PAIR of socks at a time (henceforth in 2010) then I would have certainly cast on with this yummy goodness I received this week.  And I plan to knit this second Ampersand sock even faster so I can get to it soon!

Oh yum!  
Cherry Tree Hill Fingerpaints Self-Striping in Summer Sweet. OMG really - its AMAZING!
What are you knitting? (is it socks?)  :)

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  1. The new yarn looks gorgeous and I like your statement about knitting socks ;-)
    Greetings from Julia