Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finished Socks...

... as promised.

First, BlackJacks.  
The first pair I started (that never got a second sock) and the last to be finished.  
 But cute, and fun, and SWIRLY!

Disappointingly though, they ended up not matching.  One had more blue, the other more green.  I like the blue sock better...alas

But under a pair of jeans you wont' hardly notice and I really like the pattern and the way the colors swirled (except for all the pooling at my ankle - at least it pooled the same on both).

Secondly, the Duckies.  DK socks - Oh how I love thee!
Soft and Sweet and Happy Feet indeed...

These adorable socks are on their way to Ohio - lovingly made and wrapped and in a package for my mom for Mother's Day.  I have NEVER knit socks for anyone other than myself.  That (even in DK weight) should give you and idea how MUCH I Love my Mom!

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  1. AWWWW...How super sweet...Your MOM will LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!