Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm not really...
Not MIA - but my external hard drive is.  It crapped out last week (with all my documents and photos from oh, my wedding, my honeymoon and everything that has happened (or been made) since that time over a year and a half ago).  So I'm not freaking out, or you know...worrying about it (riiiiiight), but it has made it pretty hard to show you what I've been working on. 
Finally I figured out how to blog from flickr so I can show you a ribbed lace bolero I just finished.  Knit in Rowan's Summer Tweed.  I love it! 

It did take longer to knit than I had anticipated, but still just about a week.  It looks so small and lacy that I figured I could knock it out on a weekend car ride - but alas, one whole week ;) 

My socks have stalled out (I think its looking at new sock yarn that you would rather be knitting on that slows you down).  Maybe next time (meaning next year?!?) I might entertain the idea of not having a sock yarn stash.  Reward myself with new sock yarn WHEN I finish a pair of socks.  yea, that's it!  (okay - so this would probably never happen - but it IS a good idea for any of you who have restraint!)

I am also working on a Christening Blanket for my nephew who gets Christened in June.  Its beautiful and next week (after Friday Eye Candy) I'll try to get a picture of it.  

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  1. The lace bolero looks great! I am looking forward to see pics of the christening blanket...
    Greetings from Julia