Friday, June 4, 2010

PJ Pants

I made my mom these PJ pants for Christmas and although she loved them - they didn't fit that great.  (I tried to make them less 'wide leg' and ended up making them less 'comfy pj' at the same time - ugh!)

So, I told her I would make her a new pair (that hopefully fit).  That was, eh, six months ago (sorry Mom!)  But I finally did get around to it and finished these the other week.  I sent them to her and she LOVES them (and they fit!)  yeah!!!

(yeah, that is me in them - but I wanted to get a pic before I sent them - you can see they are too long on me - that is how I know they have a better chance of fitting her).  The fabric is all Amy Butler Love and the same In Stitches Wide Leg Lounge pant (this is pair #3? for me!)  My mom picked the trim when she was here a couple months ago (good choice! - I think it makes the orange in there pop more!)

There is some fun stuff going on in my life - keeping me out of the sewing room - so I am sorry to not have posted very often - but between happenings and the External Hard Drive crash - I am still catching up.  Hope to see you in this space more often in the next couple weeks.  Happy Weekending!!  :)  xoxo, Nikki

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  1. These are AWESOME! I need to learn how to sew! There just isn't enough time for everything ;)