Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Eye Candy and...

More baby gifts.  

My standard baby shower gift has become burp cloths and a taggy blanket.  I like to think these can be considered 'boutique' burp cloths and the mothers appreciate that they can be more of a  'going out' burp cloth.  By that I mean "looking as cute and trendy as a cloth babies are spitting up on possibly can!"  ha!  Anyway - more burp cloths, gender neutral this time and a patchwork taggy blanket (new to me - I'm loving the idea of a TINY quilt - just one square of patchwork) - but cute!  Still minky on one side and patchwork on the other.

Before you think I'm cheap for just giving burp cloths - Eric and I did make a great diaper cake again!  Meghan is planning to use cloth diapers (which makes the idea of a diaper cake hard) - but we used one cloth diaper and the Earth's Best disposable diapers (she was registered for) this time.  There is a bottle brush through the middle, a bottle, some toys, pacifiers, a rattle and lotion etc.  I enjoy making these - they make a great decoration, a fun gift and I hope the moms like them too!

(I just have to say - stupid dumb flash - but the ones without are worse)

And now for the eye candy.  I bought some new sock yarn (surprise) to finish up my very own sock club (you might have seen it in the picture before).  Its Colinette Jitterbug (and I LOVE IT!) in Toscana.  The possibilities are endless of what to knit with it - but I'm really excited.

We have a wedding this weekend so I won't be sewing :(  I was really hoping to complete a top for Spring Top Week 2010 - would have been my first clothes sewing experience.  I was really hoping that contest would spring me into action (and it did somewhat - I found the main fabric and a pattern - but realized too late I didn't have enough fabric for the trim and tie).  Oh well - hopefully I'll still make it just for me when we get back.  But the wedding does mean lots of car time which means lots of  knitting time!  (well - if Eric will drive!)  So I should have something to show for my weekend after all!  Wonder what it will be?!?!  :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. such cute gifts! Love the burp cloths!