Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sock of the Month

There has been ALOT of sock knitting going on around here....

Blackjack socks with Lorna's Laces limited edition colorway - Robin's Egg from last April (yeah - it took me a year to knit these socks)

THESE socks however are looking more like one week to complete (I may start knitting all DK weight socks)

These are Duckies in Happy Feet

I am loving these!  But both pairs are coming to an end and I decided to take the Yarn Harlot's advice.  Make your own sock club.  So I took the sock yarn from my stash, matched each one up with a pattern I would like to make with it and stuffed them each into a baggie.  Then I had hubby choose one and that will be the next pair of socks I knit (yes, girls - PAIR!  I am trying!)  So... here is my make-shift sock club all set up and ready to go...

Exciting huh?
There are enough there for May-November if I knit a pair a month (lofty goal if I do say so myself - cuz none of those are DK weight...)  but I am really thrilled about the prospect and hoping it keeps me motivated to knit a PAIR of socks and move on to the next one out of the grab bag.
I bet you just can't wait to see all these finished socks and what hubby picked next- any guesses?

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  1. Haha...I wonder who it is you're talking to in your post? I like your sock club idea and can't wait to see the results. I had no idea you had so much sock yarn. I'm down to my last skein so that will be a good purchase for my next shopping trip.