Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well I promised a finished PAIR of socks and finally I am here to deliver.  These socks have been done (the knitting part) for over two weeks - but as Morgan has taught me - it isn't DONE until you weave your ends in (I HATE weaving ends in btw). 

Anyway, for a sock pattern named Tadpoles these had a very fitting finish last night as I weaved the ends in while we were out fishing.  It also made for quite a good picture opportunity...

That leaves only one single sock left without a partner.  I'm working on that...

(oddly enough I knit the second sock for each of these in the exact opposite order I knit the first sock in)

Anyway, to try and eliminate this problem in the future I recently started this too...

So far, I don't get it.  Ugh!  SSS will forever plague me!
(oh and tomorrow IS Friday Eye Candy - and its GOOD Friday - so I'll make it a good one! Make sure you come back!)

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  1. Seems I've taught you well! These socks are awesome and I'm glad to see you have a matching pair!