Monday, December 21, 2009


Well the cookie making extravaganza weekend was indeed canceled.  My windshield wiper mechanism is in the backseat of my car as we speak (?! speak, type?!- hmmm) Luckily, our friend Chris is always up to a car mechanical challenge and 'fixed' it for me!  Savings of like $150 probably - right before Christmas - Thank you Chris!!

That didn't stop me from making cookies though - I had three kinds of dough already made and after a little arm-twisting (and maybe even some tears - lol) Eric did cave in to helping me - and I think in the end he might have even had some fun!  We made peanut butter blossoms, ginger molasses, and Great Gramma O's cut-out cookies...

By the time we got to the cut out cookie I think he was getting into the spirit.... (or maybe it was the other spirits he was getting into...I dunno!)

But he seemed to have some fun and even a sense of humor.  He made the Christmas Liberty Bell.

lol!  Luckily we were invited to dinner at two good friends houses on Saturday and Sunday - so I got to bring a plate of cookies to share (instead of me eating all of them!)  Unfortunately I didn't get to see BK again before Christmas, and I still have to frost all the cut out cookies (yeah, that's not gonna happen).  But I did get some more Christmas crafting done (I really can't wait to show you all I have been making!) and some house cleaning and laundry to get all ready for our trip home this week!  Only two more days!  Yippeee!

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  1. HOW MANY DID YOU BAKE!! My goodness! Can I pre-order some for next year?