Tuesday, December 1, 2009

O Happy Day!

I finally finished it!!  I started this quilt back in the summer and I procrastinated and procrastinated and then I maybe even procrastinated some more.  In the end I still love the overall look of this quilt (totally and unabashedly copied from Ashley ) but I am not very pleased with my quilting skills (man putting that big thing through my machine was tough!)  or how the binding turned out.  But its for me, and it was a learning experience and I am still very proud that its done (and ready to keep me warm this winter and remind me of brighter days - I HATE the winter!)

Its a lap quilt about 54" x 60"

and the back

Ta-da!  So what do you think?  How did it turn out!?  :)
Here's hoping this is enough motivation to get me back in the sewing room this week! 

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