Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookies ... Cancelled?!?

Alas, the cookie baking extravaganza weekend maybe cancelled, and not on account of anything fun - like snow!  (unfortunately - b/c I would choose snow over the 33 degree rain with 20mph winds we ARE having ANY day..)

Instead, it may be cancelled b/c in my anal retentive ways this morning, I couldn't STAND to have a leaf going - back, and forth, back, and forth, back, and forth, across my windshield.  So I rolled my window down, gave my wiper a quick snap - and well, broke it.  (I brute strength is amazing right?!?)

Well - its gonna be rainy and dark (bad combination for me driving to begin with) but add REALLY cold, alone on the interstate, and no windshield wipers - and well, it just becomes a bad idea.  So short of getting home and Eric saying 'Oh!  This is why!", and clicking it back together (which won't happen b/c our mntc guy at work couldn't do that!) then I won't be on my way to Chapin for any of this...

and these...

or donning our cookie making war paint...

 or spending the weekend with my BFF

Ahhh Man!!  Why do I have to be so anal and ruin all my own fun?!?  :(

(there will still be cookies though - but making them in my small kitchen by myself - boo!)

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