Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ravelympics Wrap Up

So I mentioned a couple times I was knitting my little heart out for the Ravelympics.  I chose to not follow any rules or join any team - but to make an effort to knit every night while watching the Olympics (and man, I really enjoyed watching them this year!)  Don't know if that's because I got to enjoy knitting at the same time or b/c I'm getting a bit older, but they sure were fun!  Recap of what you have already seen that I started and finished in this 2+ week period...
The OSU hat for Drew

The PeaPod Hat for Drew



and new to you... I also started and finished a "boy hat" for me


 Lorna's Laces sock (held doubled) in Dec 2009 limited colorway
and the second sock of my mmmm malabrigo set

(no more lonely sock! one down - two to go!)

I also started (but didn't quite yet finish) my Wrenna sweater


Made from Lions Brand Bulky - in taupe.  QUICK knit - but I am debating about adding more rows - it looks really short right now and I'm supposed to end it (just add 3 rows of rib).  I think I need to add the 6 more rows of the lace chart like the medium size - thoughts?!?

All this knitting has inspired me to work on another second sock (yea!) and so far that is going really fast.  I'm also inspired to try to make this ala Lindsey Vonn - but I guess I have four years to get on that!

Finally, a parting shot of me - in my finished socks watching the Olympics - oh sweet victory!


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  1. I want to make that Olympic hat too. Maybe we should do it together!