Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just keep knitting, knitting...

That is what I have been doing lately.  I was in a huge knitting funk (and a sewing upswing) over the Winter.  I would have figured it to be opposite b/c wool is hot and heavy and not something you want on your lap when it gets warm - but knitting is portable.  And that's been key.  We have been here and there doing this and that and the knitting has been coming along. 

This is me in Chicago working on the BSJ I showed you.

And then more recently a friend of mine (who just started knitting) did a knit-a-long with me.  We each made a calorimetry (which is probably why the upswing in temps to the 80's has come around). I made mine in a little over a day.  I really enjoyed it this time (I think the first time I made one I was pretty new to knitting and concerned about what I was doing and if I was doing it right etc...this time I just really enjoyed it).
And I loved the yarn I used (although I can't tell you what it was b/c it came wound from Jimmy Beans and I have no idea what I did with the ball band).  But, I love the yarn and colorways so much that I decided to try another old standby Knitty pattern - Fetchings - with the rest of the yarn.  Those are also going pretty quickly (and I am enjoying them more the second time as well).  I think when you get in a knitting funk it might be a good idea to go to Ravelry and see what 10,800 other people have knit already (BSJ, Caliometry, Fetchings) and knit them - they promise to be quick and easy and make you happy (otherwise 10,800 people are wrong!)

And I will leave you with some more baby love (in a handknit).  I took these of Drew in his pod while we were in Chicago.
Sooo cute!

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