Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Crafts

So...since the arrival of little Andrew - I haven't been making much other than baby stuff.  I first sent a package with the nursing cover (which was already made before he came) ...

(sorry most of the pics are camera pics from Chicago for now!)
And I also made a hat for Drew that matched his Daddy's OSU hat I made him for Christmas..

Drew in his hat...
and Chad in his...

( I can't wait to get a better one of them in their hats together!) 

Anyway...Drew was born a Buckeye's fan, no doubt


and its cold in Chicago in February, so he needed another hat to cover his sweet little red head...

*gratuitous baby shot - sorry - love the red hair!*

The next package I finished up quickly this weekend, first the hat to match his pod 




and of course a quick set of blue burp cloths - now that we know he's a boy!!

front two

back two

The list of baby things I want to make to spoil my nephew rotten is about a mile long.  So there will be lots of baby crafts around here for awhile and probably alot of gratuitous baby pics just so I can show him off!

Again, I'm still knitting away (Ravelympics oh how I love thee...) but geesh - knitting takes sooo much longer to produce a finished product to show off!

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