Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nursing Cover

My SIL mentioned over Christmas needing to get a nursing cover.  My mind immediately thought, "I can make that!" but I wanted to see if I could get my hands on a good pattern before jumping up and saying "Don't do that - I'll MAKE you one!"  So I researched it when I got back, found some great online tutorials, some great flickr ideas and then got to work.  You might remember the fabric I bought for it...

(again, horrible lighting....sorry)  All Heather Bailey prints
I finally finished it (it wasn't hard, I've just been LAZY!) and then I had my work cut out for me convincing hubby to be a model for a nursing cover, but he finally agreed and these are his amazing action shots!

"honey, are you REALLY making me do this?!? "

then...he decided to play along...

I think he's trying to look nervous that he's a man...breastfeeding a baby

Anyway - Details:
I lined the back with a really soft flannel (blue and yellow dots - from JoAnn's) and Eric did comment that it was 'very soft' - so I hope she and baby like it (and that it comes across gender neutral enough).
It was my first time using boning - interesting - but it seems to work to hold the top "open" for the mama's eyes only.
I didn't write down finished dimensions - but I didn't really follow either tutorial - just got a general idea from both.
Lastly  - I LOVE this fabric combo!  I actually saw this on etsy - and loved it!  :)

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