Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some sewing

Before the Halloween hubbub and the box of knitting unfinished business I was doing a little bit of sewing here and there.  My darling husband installed a clothesline for me this summer and after losing my clothespins (and having some mold on the line for not bringing them in) I decided to make my own clothespin bag.  I like the way the 'store-bought' ones stay open so its easier to get the pins in and out - so I made a ring at the top to insert part of a coat hanger after finishing.  It works (sorta) and I've kept my clothespins from molding and at my fingertips all summer

I used fat quarters of Denise Schmidt's Hope Valley and I think its very 'old-timey' looking which works well with the whole 'hanging your clothes out to dry' thing.

In addition I've been able to take cute pictures of my crafty things hanging on my clothesline - case in point this cute little ditty bag I made for my nephew for his matchbox cars.  (I made his sister one too to hold her 'quiet church toys' as a baptism gift - but I forgot to get a pic of that one).

I'm still knitting away and hopefully these posts are keeping you entertained while I get things wrapped up. :)

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