Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hats... A lot of Hats

I have decided that I really enjoy making hats for little ones.  I made my nephew a few and since little e have made even more.  They are a quick knit, adorable on little heads and take relatively little yarn.  I've made quite a few for little e that I haven't shared on here so I thought I'd share some baby hat love...

First, this is a hand-me-down I made from my nephew a few years ago (can't believe he will be THREE in February!)  We found it in a box of his old clothes so we've already worn it this year...

Then there was a new Dino-ROAR hat for this year (last year we had one but it is too small already).  This is probably my favorite hat.  I don't enjoy making and attaching all the little spikes, but it is SOOO cute once its on a baby head that all is forgiven (and in the grand scheme of things it still takes very little time and yarn).

Doesn't he sorta look like he is coming at you saying "ROAR!" in this pic too? :)
Also there is the original crocheted hat for his owl costume (that I decided to make in green instead of blue after making the ENTIRE hat!).  I have one eye made but I'm not sure if I'll make the other eye and nose and attach them or just leave it how it is.

Finally I also made him a 'swirly' hat.  This had has been on my 'to-make' list for a long time.  For someone - anyone - and I saw one on Ravelry in gray sock yarn and I knew little e had to have one (and I just happened to have some gray sock yarn perfect for the job).  I think he looks the cutest in this one but as with other hats I've made with sock yarn it seems to slide up his head as you wear it.  Not ideal considering he only wears a hat if he forgets its on his head.  If I have to keep pushing it down he keeps remembering that its there.

I think his head should stay pretty warm this Fall and Winter with all these new hats, but I probably won't make it four more months without making him another one (or two!) :)

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