Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A new craft

Recently I learned how to make bows - not for my little man but for my niece.  And after learning how to make them I sorta got addicted and made more and more of them for all the little girl babies I knew.  Bows, headbands etc etc

These are for my niece

These are for a College friend's little girl
I started with the rosettes and had so much fun I just kept going. There are more upstairs for two other little girls and a stack of them that may get made into a Fall wreath (if I get it done before Winter shows up).  I am looking forward to pictures of the girls wearing these soon!


  1. Hi Nikki -- the bows are adorable! I recently have been trying to make bows. Is there a tutorial somewhere online for these? I found your blog once upon a time in searching something about knitting. :-) Thanks -- Monica. :-)

  2. Hi Monica! Glad you stopped by!! I used this tutorial for the rosettes:ttp:// and I just kinda winged the bows after reading a few different (but not completely helpful) tutorials. I basically bought alligator clips from the local craft store, covered them in ribbon (using hot glue) and then attached a bow. I looped around my fingers a few times for the orange one and just made one loop and covered it for the pink one. I can try to make a picture tutorial if you are really interested.

  3. Thank you! That will be enough to get me going. :-)